Saturday, 26 May 2012

How to get my new blog emailed to you...

I've had a few people who used to follow this blog say they can't find the button to enable them to follow it now that I've moved it over to my website ( It is very hard to see unless you know it's there, so forgive me for posting this if you've already found it, or decided that you no longer want to have posts emailed to you as and when I write them, but if you do, then go to my webpage and at the far bottom right of your actual screen (NOT the grey-blue of my content) you will see an oh-so-very discreet button with the word 'Follow' on it and a little yellow daisy. If you click on that it brings up a box for you to add your email address. Fill that in and Bob's Your Uncle (perhaps, or maybe he's Fred, or James, or maybe you don't have an uncle...sorry, sidetracked in the detail).

With love and thanks,
Amanda xx

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