Monday, 30 April 2012

Blog Recincarnation

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of Juggle, Juggle, Toil and Trouble aka Three Girls and a Pen.

I still have three girls and I still have a pen and I'm still blogging. However, I now also have a website.

With my book coming out soon it seems a good idea to have a point of contact and information for anyone (will there be anyone?!!) who might be interested. It also seems silly to have two sites to maintain, so I've decided to amalgamate the blog into the website so that all my eggs are in one basket, even though old wives tell us absolutely never ever to put all our eggs in one basket, but then again, some of the old wives I know are utterly insane and most definitely should not be listened to. In any case all my eggs - or words in this case - are now in one place. I'm still going to be blogging each week. There's an email subscription link on the new site, so do please add your email address if you would like to have these posts delivered, lovingly, each with a kiss and a grin, straight to your inbox.

Having started blogging in October I have quickly grown to love it. At the beginning I was unsure, wary of this strange and unknown territory. Before this point I hadn't ever read a blog and I certainly didn't think anyone would be interested in reading mine. But I've taken to it like the proverbial duck to a wide open pond, not only to the writing of blog posts, but also to the reading of other people's. There are so many interesting folk out there blogging about all sorts. Some posts are funny, some informative, some ranty, some irreverent, many of them unmissable, and all of them adding to a rich online tapestry of opinion, comment and observation.

I do hope - if you want to - you will switch over to my website and continue to read and comment. Even if you don't subscribe to the new blog address, you can always catch up with me by visiting the site. I hope you do...because...well, I'd miss you if you didn't. It's the truth. I love you. Yes you. I do, man, really, I do.

RIP Three Girls and a Pen, 2011-2012.
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  1. oh, that's odd. most of my comment has gone AWOL. ho-hum...

  2. I got the 'see you there!' comment emailed to me. Not sure why it's not appeared on here. No matter, though. Thanks for commenting. xx

  3. I shall send flowers, wear a veil and weep uncontrolably.

    And then, on the third day, I shall be overcome with joy as the second coming proclaims "The Blog is dead, long live the Blog!"

    Good luck with your new website and your forthcoming arrival! I shall be an avid follower.

  4. Is there any end to the humour?!! Good luck with the new site/blog. It looks great already. I can't quite see what you look like from your picture though. I could unwittingly walk straight pass you in the street and miss yet more giggles...

  5. New subscription link up and running on website blog page. Hope to see you there!